Friday, July 23, 2010

Love, live, bang your head against the wall

I was told life was going to crash me
and I believed it so well I crush it to powder
soft, forever hanging around like dust.

The air around me is life itself, I sniff the air and breathe it in,
life has the sweetest taste in my lungs.

The sun above me reflects my shadows upon the life I have around,
nothing can break it, I shadows and life my wall.

I was told life was to be, by me, forever haunted
and I believed so well I died inside her
deep, so life I am your womb, your tomb.

The cries I let out every now and then,
like a human being I behave so well,
the laughter I, not graciously at all,
burst and explode into your faces,
the lying implied when I live so well,
because life, my dear hanging around, is dust and air I sniff.

I was told life was going to make me a beggar,
and I believed it so well I begged before and now she's mine,
the pain, dear life, I extend my hand to you.

''I am not afraid of dying, there is nothing dangerous in death.
Life, it is where danger is held''
James W. Jones


Anonymous said...

Now i can understand many things you said me before, i´m not really sure if i need u right now, if i need to speak with you.

My head it´s limbo, full of chaos, i dont know it is your fault, but you are the reason.

I kinda miss you.

You know who i´m.

zpacelysiz said...

truth is I dont have a bloody idea who you are
enjoy your day anonymous