Friday, May 03, 2013

Forest Fire

I became a fugitive for you
to run away with you
to be chased with you
to sneak up on the nights people sleep in
to declare war
to rise hell up
the Avengers
our names will be known
like a thunderclap
our names will be heard
we'll protrude like a new limb
a vicious idea
we'll be a long way ahead of them
and their eyes wide in disbelief
our hearts a roar
I will sin eagerly with you
racing, always racing
conquerors of Time
for the world will fear our wisdom
we fasten our seatbelts
and ride the waves of change
evil isn't evil anymore
we are the children of Cane
nude up in the mountains
primitive and glistening
I am aware of my flesh decaying
so I run
I run by you

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